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Our professional team is at your disposal for both drop-shipping services and designing custom products. No matter what you’re looking for, we are standing by to work with you on developing quality products and services. Head on over to our contact page to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!
For the baby carriage, we are a professional design & manufacturer. The company is committed to "make the world more love" as the mission.
For the baby, a good stroller should have a widen and comfortable sleep and lying experience. For the mother, it should be a large-capacity storage and light and easy to carry. Babypie's new stroller combines functionality and portability.
Honesty is the best strategy! Every product is 100% for the owner who buys it! Responsible for every consumer is the greatest responsibility to our partners! No spirit of artisan, can't do Chinese manufacturing! The above sentence comes from Jack Chen, owner of the Babypie stroller.
Every member of the Babypie is full of passion and talent. In the morning meeting this morning, we played a small game, one of the teams was lead by everyone in
The perfect design makes the stroller folding volume equal to the tri-fold baby stroller. It perfectly combines the one-button folding function in two directions of high landscape stroller and the portable function of light weight baby stroller. and gradually leads Babypie to complete its global brand.
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Providing customers with high quality in a timely and efficient manner baby strollers are our belief that every customer's satisfaction and continuous configuration is our constant pursuit.