Advanced baby stroller direct sales factory
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Advanced baby stroller direct sales factory
Babypie's factory has a state-of-the-art stroller design level and manufacturing line. The factory is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with international and domestic advanced standards. Babypie's products have been patented for many inventions and appearances, and are practical and new. Our brand declaration: "Make the world more love".
Babypie is a professional manufacturer of baby products in China. The market is located in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia, and has warehouses in various locations around the world. It has been rated as an advanced enterprise by the state, province and city for many years. The factory is located in Guangdong Province and has a high-quality team of professionals who have long been engaged in the management, development and quality assurance of baby strollers. It has a world-class manufacturing equipment and management system.
With more than ten years of high-quality independent research and development and professional production experience, the product quality is good, the production efficiency is high, support OEM & ODM, sell well at home and abroad. Domestically, most provinces have agents for Babypie products; abroad, the products are sold to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other regions. with the rapid growth of the international market, Babypie has also begun to vigorously carry out the layout and construction of the foreign trade market for baby products. Babypie sincerely welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate and cooperate.
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