Can a baby carriage be brought on the plane?
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Can a baby carriage be brought on the plane?
1. A baby stroller that meets the requirements can be brought on the plane, as long as the baby stroller meets the carry-on baggage size (according to each airline), it can be directly carried on board, and those over the size will be checked.
2. A foldable stroller can be brought into the cabin, but each passenger can only carry one at a time. Airlines stipulate that baby strollers can be checked in at check-in, but there are restrictions on the size of the stroller, the size is 20 * 40 * 55 cm. No matter what type of stroller can be brought on the plane, it means that the stroller can be pushed to the ground after the security check at the gate, and then they can be placed in the cargo warehouse or other locations on the plane. In foreign countries, you can pick up the stroller at the door of the warehouse when you get off the plane. In fact, it is quite convenient. As long as the stroller is light and the size meets the requirements of the airline, you can bring it on the plane. Even if the size exceeds the requirements of the airline, the foldable stroller can be more conveniently packed and checked.
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