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Our professional team is at your disposal for both drop-shipping services and designing custom products. No matter what you’re looking for, we are standing by to work with you on developing quality products and services. Head on over to our contact page to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!
the high-view stroller. It is shock-absorbing and directly related to the baby's riding experience. Why do you say that? After the baby is born, all aspects of the spine are weaker, especially the brain, which needs care. Strollers with poor shock absorbers are prone to bumps in the bumpy road during the implementation process, and the baby is very uncomfortable inside. Especially for newborns, the requirements for this shock absorber are higher, so when parents choose strollers, they should not blindly pursue lightness and neglect shock absorbers.
Our electric rocking chair is equipped with materials, so we support trial orders, MOQ is very nice, if you test whether your market love this product or not, you can consider placing a trial order, and our this product does not have a printed logo, you don't have to worry about infringement, the manual and the packing box are both in English.
As far as the baby strollers on the market are concerned, the direction of the stroller is mainly represented by handle bar reversal and seat reversal.

The difference between handle bar reversal and seat reversal:
Today, our Korean customer's diaper table test samples have been prepared. We have made samples according to Korean physical and chemical testing requirements. There are 3 pieces gray powder coating diaper tables. The customer should send the samples to the Korean laboratory for KC testing and take promotional photos.
In short, with the development of the reversing stroller, it will become more and more popular, because the safety standard of the stroller is high, so the seat reversing is a function of many strollers. The price will be slightly more expensive, and it has gradually become one of the design concepts of many high-end stroller brands.
What a great whether! Our workers are loading the goods into the container. One 40HQ of container can hold 2550pcs baby diaper table. Before loading, we need to
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