Looking forward to the large-scale listing of new baby rocking chairs
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Looking forward to the large-scale listing of new baby rocking chairs
As a new baby product manufacturer started with research and development, Beipai has been committed to developing more baby products that are more suitable for babies and make it easier for mothers.
The baby rocking chair is one of our research and development achievements in 2019. After the development of the receiving baby rocking chair, it has been greatly welcomed in China. At present, the sales of domestic distributors are increasing, and our foreign distributors are also actively expanding the market. . In the hot environment of the market, Beipai has not forgotten its original intention. We are committed to the development and upgrade of new products. The upgrade of the rocking chair is mainly aimed at the transportation problems of foreign markets. Volume upgrade. The volume of the second-generation rocking chair is 1/3 of the previous one baby swing chair. Do you expect our new products?
Beipai, as a professional baby product manufacturer, looks forward to your consultation and cooperation. The first generation of rocking chairs has been underwritten in many foreign markets. If you are interested in our foldable strollers and baby swing chairs, please contact us as soon as possible to seize the market opportunities
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