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Now every child in every household is precious. Both grandparents and parents love it. The reason is that now there are only one or two babies in a family. Who do they love not babies? So all kinds of babies strollers fill every family, but is it necessary to buy a stroller with a high view?
The upgrade of the rocking chair is mainly aimed at the transportation problems of foreign markets. Volume upgrade. The volume of the second-generation rocking chair is 1/3 of the previous one. Do you expect our new products?
Last Tuesday, on November 12th, 2019, our business manager Alice and our boss Jack and designers hosted customers from Poland at the factory.
Babypie's factory has a state-of-the-art stroller design level and manufacturing line. The factory is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with international and domestic advanced standards. Babypie's products have been patented for many inventions and appearances, and are practical and new. Our brand declaration: "Make the world more love".
In the design and manufacture of high landscape baby stroller, we still inherit the fine tradition of Babypie baby stroller. We carried out a variety of violent tests in strict accordance with the highest international standards, the frame of stroller is sleek and sturdy, and the wheel grip ability is strong.
In terms of the choice of baby strollers, we need to consider two factors: on the one hand, we need to fully consider the baby's needs, we must select those strollers that are spacious and comfortable, but also ventilated in summer and warm in winter. On the other hand, we need to consider whether the stroller can provide convenience for parents, so that parents can not hold the child all the time, reduce the pressure on the service, and let the baby enjoy a comfortable environment.