Which is more practical, a stroller or a baby carrier?
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Which is more practical, a stroller or a baby carrier?
The answer is definitely the best of both. It is recommended to use a baby stroller for a long time after the baby is born, and a baby stroller with a sleeping basket can ensure the baby to sleep adequately. If it is a short-term hug, a baby carrier can be used. It should be noted that it cannot be used for a long time, otherwise the growth and development of the baby is not good.
In the first few months after the baby is born, parents are more at ease. Because babies can't crawl, they don't roll over, and there is generally no danger in putting them on the bed. In addition to sleeping every day, babies play in the bed.
After three or four months, the baby will turn over and slowly learn to crawl again. This poses a threat to parents and dares not to put the baby on the bed and do the housework by themselves. Because the parents are slightly negligent, an accident of falling baby will occur.
Babies of three or four months have gained a lot of weight, and it is very tiring to hold them for a long time. It is easier to carry a baby on their backs than to hold them, and it is more convenient for mothers to work with both hands. Now, a kind of cloth for carrying a baby is sold on the market. When using it, care should be taken to check whether it has been loosened to avoid accidents. If the child is heavier, it is better not to use a cloth back.
Carrying it for a long time will cause poor blood circulation and affect breathing and digestion due to compression on the chest. So carry it on your back for about an hour and you should put it down and rest.
After the baby is able to raise his head, he can use the strap instead of holding and carrying. One or two month babies can only lie in a baby stroller with carrycot, and three or four months babies can use the reclining stroller. In five or six months, you can often use a baby stroller to push your baby for a walk, and try to choose a place with a beautiful environment and fresh air to bask in the sun. Don't push the stroller on uneven roads, lest the stroller will bump up and down, shake left and right, not only the pushing people are struggling, the baby is also very uncomfortable.
Practicality is biased toward choosing a baby stroller. When you choosing, choose a baby stroller with good safety performance, large wheels, good braking performance, and good shock absorption performance.
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