What factors determine the comfort of a stroller?
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What factors determine the comfort of a stroller?
1. Suspension design: Suspension is a very, very important factor that affects the comfort of a stroller. A stroller with poor shock absorption ability is pushed out of the door. Whenever there is a speed bump or bumpy road, you can Feeling the "trembling in the whole stroller", the baby will immediately be restless in the stroller. The baby's spine and brain are both developing. Good shock absorption is not only comfortable, but also conducive to the healthy development of the baby, so you must look at the shock absorption ability when buying a baby carriage!
2. Stroller width: The width of the stroller is a very important factor. As the baby's height and weight increase, the requirements for the stroller will become higher and higher, especially in winter. When the thick cotton coat is worn, the body will become much wider. If the baby is asleep and the stroller is too narrow, it will inevitably cause the baby to squeeze in the stroller and be very uncomfortable.
3. Backrest design: The material of the backrest of the stroller and the adjustment ability of the backrest also affect the comfort of the baby to a certain extent. A strong backrest is necessary to provide strong support for the baby's back and protect the baby's spine.
4. Sunshade: It is best to adjust the awning of the stroller from multiple angles, which can meet the needs of sunshade and rain in different weather and different postures. Because the baby often sits forward rather than leaning back on the back of the chair, and when the sun angle is low, if the awning is short, it will not cover the baby.
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