Points to keep in mind when choosing a stroller
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Points to keep in mind when choosing a stroller
Strollers are becoming more and more popular in every family with a baby, because strollers really solve a lot of problems for moms limp, walking, shopping, so how to choose a suitable baby for your baby What about the stroller? Take a look at the explanation of the babypie stroller!

Buying a baby carriage must be one: safety first
1. When purchasing, you should check whether the joints of the nails on the frame are complete, and whether they are bent, skewed, or cracked; you should choose the one that is smooth and without sharp edges.
2. The push rod and handrail of the stroller should be sprayed with anti-corrosion protection layer to prevent heavy metal elements from adversely affecting the baby's health;
3. Pay attention to the folding of the frame. When purchasing, you should fold it several times to see whether the joints are flexible and whether there is any obstacle to opening and closing.
1, should choose polyester or cotton products. EU standards require that the fabric used in strollers be treated with flame retardants, so the fabric feels stiff.
2. When purchasing, you can use white cloth to slightly rub on the fabric of the stroller. If it is dyed, it should not be used.
Suspension and brake device
When buying, you can place the stroller on the ground, lightly press the frame, test its elasticity, and check the effectiveness of the shock absorber. Lock the brakes and check if the wheels can still move under passive conditions.
Buy baby stroller rule two: choose baby stroller according to demand
Know the model
Umbrella handle stroller features: easy to carry, suitable for walking use;
Features of ordinary trolleys and luxury trolleys: spacious, smoother driving due to the weight of the vehicle.
Baby age
0-6 months: should choose a baby stroller;
More than 7 months: You can buy umbrella handle strollers.
Actual demand
If you often take your baby to the far door, you can choose a lightweight stroller; if you just take your baby for a walk near the house every day, you can choose a stroller with a basket, which will make parents feel more convenient.
easy to use
When buying, try to push the baby stroller first, make sure that you don't need to bend over when walking, and your legs or feet won't touch the carriage when walking.
Buy baby stroller rules three: Do not forget to look at the product certificate
Check the product certificate, such as: product certification, quality guarantee, warranty card, instruction manual, etc. Is it complete? Is there a security mark?
After reading the content explained by the Babypie stroller, I believe that even if you are a novice mother, you will choose a suitable stroller for your baby.

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