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The safety of the stroller is very important. When buy a stroller, you should pay attention to these factors. You can definitely buy a safe and reliable stroller.
In addition to the previous article: what-factors-determine-the-comfort-of-a-stroller-(1), there are four other influencing factors:
Generally speaking, the comfort of a stroller is mainly determined by the following factors:
Traditionally, baby strollers are divided into two types: A and B.

Type A baby stroller support baby lie flat in the car, even if the baby is asleep still don't worry. Because the wheels are larger and the bumps on the ground are less bumpy, the baby will feel safe when sitting and lying. If the direction of the handle can be switched, you can also interact with baby go out for a walk. But this type stroller is relatively heavy and takes up a lot of space.
do you know? For a baby, the shock absorption of the baby stroller is very important. It is not alarmist. The poor shock absorption of the baby stroller will directly damage the baby's brain.
Today I will share with you that mothers should pay attention to the size of the stroller when buying a baby stroller.