How to import from China
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How to import from China
Today, we are going to talk about: How to import from China? 

As China develops and grows, there are indeed many product manufacturers from China

The following content is basic foreign trade knowledge. If you plan to import from China or you are a beginner, then the following content can help you get started.

Today we simply share, more detailed content will be released slowly, you can follow us

So, what exactly we need to do at the beginning?
1. Hold an import license
2. To be a successful importer, it is important to choose the right product and market
3. Computing costs. You can find a local freight forwarding company. They will tell you the import cost very professionally. Important expenses include: customs duties, port of destination costs, sea freight
4. Find a supplier in China. There are many trading terms, the most commonly used are FOB, CIF, CFR. You need to understand the accusations of buyers and sellers for each trade term.
5. Arrange your cargo transport
6. Track your cargo and get prepared for arrival

Will share more foreign trade knowledge in the future
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