Exploring Diverse Materials in Crafting Baby Stroller Logos
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Exploring Diverse Materials in Crafting Baby Stroller Logos
Screen printing and heat transfer are commonly used to print logos on baby stroller frames. Both can print high-quality patterns on different materials.

It's a screen print.
Make a web version: First, make a silkscreen version according to your logo design. This template has a mesh of fine holes, and the position and shape of the holes correspond to the logo mark.
Printing ink: During the manufacturing process, ink is pressed through a screen onto the frame of the baby stroller. The holes in the silkscreen simply allow the ink to pass through specific areas to form the desired pattern.

It's a heat transfer
Making heat transfer paper: The logo is printed on special heat transfer paper. This paper usually has a special coating that allows the printed pattern to be transferred to other surfaces using heat.
Pressing process: Place the heat transfer paper on the frame of the baby stroller and go through a pressing process to transfer the pattern to the surface of the baby stroller frame. This usually requires constant temperature and pressure to ensure that the pattern transmission is uniform and strong.

How to choose between heat transfer or silkscreen printing? Depends on manufacturer's preference, cost and design requirements.Silkscreen printing is generally suitable for large area patterns, while heat transfer is suitable for intricately detailed patterns. Suitable for a variety of designs.
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