What factors determine the comfort of a stroller (1)
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What factors determine the comfort of a stroller (1)
Generally speaking, the comfort of a stroller is mainly determined by the following factors:
1. Suspension design: Suspension is a very, very important factor that affects comfort. A wheelbarrow with poor shock-absorbing ability is pushed out of the door. Every time you pass a speed bump and bumpy road, you can feel The feeling of "trembling in the whole stroller" ensures that the baby is immediately restless in the stroller. The baby's spine and brain are in the development stage. Good shock absorption can not only be comfortable, but also more conducive to the healthy development of the baby, so you must look at the shock absorption ability when buying a stroller!
Generally, the shock absorption capacity is determined by the structure of the shock-absorbing spring, tire, and frame. For an article detailing spring tires, see Which of the pneumatic tire and spring suspension of a baby carriage is better?
2. Stroller width: The width of the body is a very important factor. As the baby's height and weight increase, the requirements for the width of the stroller will become higher and higher, especially in winter. When the thick cotton coat is worn, the body will become much wider. If the baby is asleep and the body is too narrow, it will inevitably cause the baby to squeeze into the body and be very uncomfortable.
Therefore, width is also an important factor that needs attention. Generally speaking, a stroller width of about 36CM is enough to provide a more comfortable space for activities.
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