What factors determine the comfort of a stroller (2)
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What factors determine the comfort of a stroller (2)
In addition to the previous article: what-factors-determine-the-comfort-of-a-stroller-(1), there are four other influencing factors:
3. Backrest material: The material of the backrest and the adjustment ability of the backrest also affect the comfort of the baby to a certain extent. A strong backrest is necessary to provide strong support for the baby's back and protect the baby's spine.
Therefore, it is best not to choose an umbrella stroller without a backrest, especially for little babies.
4. Backrest adjustment ability: The main configuration of the backboard is the 3rd adjustment of the backboard, which can be reclined and seated. If the angle of the stroller's footboard can also be adjusted, it is even better.
5. the height of the stroller seat: The high landscape design can reduce the inhalation of stroller exhaust, and the baby's sight is also better, which is also a factor that can be considered.
6. Sunshade: It is best to adjust the awning from multiple angles, which can meet the needs of sunshade and rain in different weather and different postures. Because the baby often sits forward rather than leaning back on the back of the chair. And when the sun angle is low, if the awning is short, it will not cover the baby, so try to choose a large awning range of. Full awning is a good choice.
After knowing the above 6 factors, I believe you can definitely choose a very comfortable stroller ~
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