Where is the practicality of the high-view stroller?
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Where is the practicality of the high-view stroller?
Practicability 1: Good shock absorber
This is the characteristic of the high-view stroller. It is shock-absorbing and directly related to the baby's riding experience. Why do you say that? After the baby is born, all aspects of the spine are weaker, especially the brain, which needs care. Strollers with poor shock absorbers are prone to bumps in the bumpy road during the implementation process, and the baby is very uncomfortable inside. Especially for newborns, the requirements for this shock absorber are higher, so when parents choose strollers, they should not blindly pursue lightness and neglect shock absorbers.

Practicability 2: Reduce the inhalation of car exhaust as much as possible
Parents want to keep the baby in the fresh air as much as possible, but ordinary strollers because the seat is lower from the ground, the car exhaust can easily cover the baby, and the high-view stroller is higher because the seat is higher than the ground, and the baby is in a position higher than the exhaust pipe of the car, so as to reduce the inhalation of car exhaust as much as possible.
Practicability 3: Can be used as a baby dining chair
The seat is higher than the ground. When the baby sits in the high-view stroller, the mother is very convenient to feed the baby and can be used as a dining chair.
Practicability 4: Avoid hot ground in summer
Everyone knows that in the hot summer, the temperature of the ground is high, and the lower the distance from the ground, the higher the temperature, so the high-view stroller can avoid the high temperature of the ground as much as possible compared to other ordinary strollers in the hot summer.
Practicality 5: More convenient for parent-child interaction
The high-view stroller seat is higher than the ground, so parents do not need to squat to interact with the baby. In addition, if the high-view stroller has a reversing function, it can still interact with the baby at any time during the implementation process.

Practicality 6: Broaden baby's horizons
The so-called sitting tall and looking far, babies are curious about the world. When you take your baby out, let your baby sit in a stroller with a high view, which can broaden your baby's field of vision and explore more interesting knowledge.

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