How to use a stroller correctly
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How to use a stroller correctly?
In the baby-raising life, the stroller is a very practical prop. It can greatly reduce the mother's child-raising pressure. It is an artifact to take the baby out. In the summer, it can also reduce the growth of long-term contact with adults. Sister, traveling is also very applicable, but there are certain safety risks in the stroller, and parents must pay attention to it.
Road section
During the use of the stroller by the parents, the parents should pay attention not to stop the stroller on the slope, and pass the slope once. At the same time, it should be noted that muddy roads and escalators have certain safety hazards. Parents are best to carry the baby out and then carry the stroller up.
Baby carriage
The use of the stroller cannot be ignored by parents. Parents must use the brake on the stroller. When the stroller stays, the brake must be used to prevent the stroller from sliding. In addition, parents need to fasten their babies to protect their babies. At the same time, do not hang a lot of things on the baby stroller, it is easy to lose balance during the driving process.
When going out with your baby, parents should never take your baby out with the stroller on the section of the stairs, this is very dangerous. The safest way is to carry your baby out of the stroller, and then put it away and back on. Don't hold your luck when pushing a stroller, it needs to be strictly implemented.

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