The safety of the stroller is the first element of purchas
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The safety of the stroller is the first element of purchas
American Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC) issued a warning in 2010, urging parents to wear seat belts in their strollers to avoid accidentally injuring their children
On the basis of CPSC's detailed specifications for stroller technical specifications, the American Academy of Pediatrics has proposed the following points:
1. If you pass toys or other objects through the bumper of the stroller, make sure that these things are firmly fixed to prevent falling and hurting the child. Especially when children can move freely, they should remove these toys as soon as possible. Buy a stroller with brakes and easy operation. Always apply the brake every time you stop, and make sure that the child does not easily touch the device that releases the brake.
2. Choose a stroller with a wide base, because this model is not easy to tip over.
Your child ’s fingers may be caught in the hinge and cause injury, so when you fold or open the stroller, please keep the child at a safe distance, and when you put the child in the stroller, make sure that the stroller is safe, and The child's hand cannot touch the wheel.
3. Do not hang anything on the handle of the stroller. This may cause the stroller to tip over. this point is very important. If the stroller is designed with a bottom basket, make sure that the chassis of the basket is low and close to the rear wheels.
4. Please buy baby carriages with safety belts and fixed belts, and use safety belts and fixed belts for children every time.
If the baby is too small, you need to put a baby blanket in the stroller and roll up the two sides of the baby blanket and fix it on the bumpers on both sides to prevent the baby from falling out of the stroller when it rolls.
This is the situation mentioned in the CPSC warning. There are a lot of mistakes that everyone will make every day. The stroller has a lot of choices. The importance must be placed first. Yes, Hope all the partners of Babypie can also practice this and go better on the brand road.

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