What factors determine the portability of a stroller
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What factors determine the portability of a stroller

1. stroller weight: Generally speaking, the heavier the stroller, the stronger the comfort, but the more inconvenient it is to take out the door. Nowadays, moms often take babies to travel, so the weight of the stroller is an important factor to be considered. 5-7 kg is a more acceptable weight range for mom. If it is too light, the quality of the stroller is not guaranteed. If it is too heavy, it will hard to be use outdoor.
Many high-view strollers have a gross weight of about 15kg. If you take them far away, moms will basically cry. It is important to choose a balance between weight and performance.
2. One-key foldable stroller: This is a very important function. When you hold the baby in one hand and collect the stroller in one hand, you feel the importance of one-key foldable. If you encounter a stroller that is not easy to fold and there is no helper around you, it is a very difficult situation. In this regard, the gravity-assisted auto-folding stroller is a great advantage.
3. Folded size: the smaller folded size, the more convenient it is to travel. Parents who often take children on airplanes, subways, buses, and self-driving trips should pay special attention to the folded volume of the stroller when purchasing a stroller.
The so-called check-in means that it can be brought into the cabin, not checked. The maximum size of the new boarding regulations on international flights is 55 cm X 40 cm X 20 cm. According to the regulations of China Airlines, the length, width and height can not be more than 100 cm, 60 cm and 40 cm, respectively.
If the mom often takes her baby to travel, you can choose a stroller with a relatively small folding size, so that you can go on a trip at any time.

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