Chinese Lunar New Year countdown, do you not stock it yet?
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Chinese Lunar New Year countdown, do you not stock it yet?
China is a very ritualistic country. People all over the country value our traditional festivals. Chinese Lunar New Year has 15 days to come. Now there is a festive atmosphere everywhere, and everyone is doing it for the New Year. Prepare and stock up.
Speaking of Chinese New Year stocking, there are certain reasons. China has two festivals before and after the year. The iconic festival of the year before is the eighth day of the last lunar month. Another is the fifteenth Lantern Festival of the first month. After the Lantern Festival has passed, it means that the year is gone, and the new year has begun.
This is more than a month before and after the year. People are cheerful and immersed in the festive atmosphere. The workers return to their hometown to prepare for the New Year. Therefore, many Chinese factories have started their holidays. Many factories are hurrying to rush orders and deliver goods for customers. Otherwise, the express delivery will be suspended, even if it is in stock, it will not be delivered.
The same is true of Babypie. In this month before the year, we stepped up the speed to catch orders for our customers. Today, as usual, large quantities of goods need to be packed in containers and shipped to the sea. Our loading and unloading workers are stepping up the packing of baby strollers in batches.
Are you ready for your business next year? Anyway, the new year is coming, babypie wishes you a happy new year and good business.

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