Happy new year, essential items for baby travel
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Happy new year, essential items for baby travel
Tomorrow is the New Year, and everyone wants to take the opportunity to take the baby out to travel, whether it is short or long distance, as parents, every time they go out, they worry that they will get tired and the baby will be hungry. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare a list of essential items for babies to go out, especially the essential ones.

First, baby stroller
Having a baby stroller will make it easier for the baby to go out. To ensure the safety of the baby, parents should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing a stroller:
1) When traveling, the first thing to consider is whether the stroller is portable and whether it can be boarded. Aluminum frame, lightweight folding stroller is naturally the first choice for traveling.
2) Consider the safety of the baby stroller, which must ensure that the baby stroller has a seat belt, good braking function, and more tests to see if it can slip on the slope.
3) When traveling, the stroller awning should have UV protection function, and the angle can be adjusted according to sunlight. Choose as many awning stalls as possible, the shading effect is very good, and the appearance is stylish.
4) Check whether the shock absorption device is suitable. A good shock design is very necessary for the baby to travel, even if it is heavy, there is no practical use of the shock design. The brain plays a very important protective role.
Second, the portable mummy bag
Bring your child on the road, there will inevitably be bits and pieces, and children often use them on the road. At this time, it is better for the mother to prepare a small bag that can carry the child's needs for easy retrieval.
Third, dining tools
Moms can prepare a set for children before going out. Children's special disposable chopsticks, spoons, stainless steel bowls, bibs, etc., are light and clean.

Although it is popular to say go-and-go travel, as a parent, you must first consider your child ’s health and safety and prepare the necessary items on the way. This is what parents need to consider. Are you ready for your holiday trip?
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