What are the reversal of the stroller?
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What are the reversal of the stroller?
As far as the baby strollers on the market are concerned, the direction of the stroller is mainly represented by handle bar reversal and seat reversal.

The difference between handle bar reversal and seat reversal:

1.Handle bar reversing is to pull up the push rods on both sides of the handle bar to reverse the handle, reverse the handle bar forward, and lock the push rod on the reversing column to realize the reversing.

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Advantages: The operation time is short and simple.
Disadvantages: Really good quality stroller, you need to know that you get what you pay for.

2. The seat reversing operation is more complicated than the handle bar reversing, but it is safer. When the seat is reversed, the seat is pulled out by pressing the buttons on both sides of the seat and then turned.

Advantages: the stroller is stable, easy to implement, and does not shake too much.
Disadvantages: You need to lift the seat first, the operation is a bit complicated.  
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