How to choose a suitable crib bed for the baby
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How to choose a suitable crib bed for the baby
1. Safety principle
    The bed in the crib is used as the furniture for the baby, and the safety is always in the first place. The bed in a fixed shape is more suitable for the baby. This bed can avoid the risk of suffocation due to blockage of the baby's nose and mouth due to deformation of the bed. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a crib bed in a fixed shape.
2. Health principles
    When it comes to the materials in the crib bed, it is nothing more than the common materials such as cotton, wood-based panels, plastics, etc., but not all materials are healthy, of which pure cotton is the best. Parents should ask for the material of the bed before purchasing the crib bed.

3. Convenience principle

The size of the crib in the crib is moderate. There are many prospective fathers. The expectant mother thinks that the longer the crib is, the longer the baby will be used. In fact, on the one hand, the bed is too long and takes up a lot of space. On the other hand, the baby is The adaptability of each stage is also different. It is best to choose a suitable crib bed when the baby is small. It is recommended to buy a crib bed that is convenient and easy to store, so whether it is at home or travel, for the baby and mother. Are very convenient
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