High-density inspection, only for the quality assurance of baby strollers
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High-density inspection, only for the quality assurance of baby strollers
Honesty is the best strategy! Every product is 100% for the owner who buys it! Responsible for every consumer is the greatest responsibility to our partners! No spirit of artisan, can't do Chinese manufacturing! The above sentence comes from Jack Chen, owner of the Babypie stroller.
These days is the mass production of our newly designed babypie gravity folding baby stroller. In the attitude of being responsible to the customer and responsible to the supplier, Jack Baby, the owner of our babypie baby car, has been accompanying our group for two days. The quality inspection was carried out on the production line all day long. This afternoon, it was a part of the position where the probability of sampling problems was large, and the baby carriages produced all day on September 14th were inspected! Babypie's sampling test is not only for new production of strollers, but also for other strollers that have been in mass production. The control of quality is our own job, and it is also a manifestation of determination. The babypie stroller's wish is that every baby stroller that comes out of Babypie is the messenger of love, and every product can bring joy to the new father and mother.
Make the global mother fall in love with “Made In China”, we are on the way!
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