Bulgarian customer's stroller loading
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Bulgarian customer's stroller loading
Today is the day for Bulgarian customer's stroller loading, three 40HQ containers.
This product is the second time we have cooperated with this customer. This time, the customer’s order is more urgent, and we are granted direct bulk production. In a responsible manner, we still made pre-production samples and sent photos and photos to the customer. The video confirms that although the production of pre-production samples has been delayed for some time, we reasonably arrange the scheduling during the production of bulk goods, and we still give customers the finished production within the agreed time and Bulgarian customer's stroller loading on time.

Our customers have customized logos, packaging boxes, manuals, and also added a molding process. We have made the EN1888-2 certificate for this product, which is the latest European standard, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 22kg. If you are also interested in our product, please click on the picture below and feel free to contact us.
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