The development of the baby stroller industry is becoming more intelligent
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Do you want a smart baby stroller?
In the increasingly obvious trend of high-end child car products in the environment, the international design team, strong technical support, accurate grasp of the market is particularly important for enterprises. In the future, with the continuous improvement of consumer awareness of the brand, the trend of professional brand use is obvious. On the whole, the awareness and ability of, baby stroller in China in brand building need to be strengthened, and it is necessary to carry out planned professional operation.
In the same time, the baby stroller industry also faces the problems of intensified competition, product homogenization, channel weakness, research and development and security bottleneck, and the like, The traditional baby carriage product also has the new ecology to bring the change power to the industry.
At present, the Baby stroller manufacturer on the market is roughly divided into two categories. One is that consumers prefer to buy high-landscape wheelbarrows in favor of newborn or pregnant consumers. Their shock absorb and strong characteristics are outstanding, so that children can have open experiments. The other is a portable folding baby stroller that meets the rigid needs of a 3-year-old baby, which is easier to operate and a compact folding system for travel and storage. From the functional point of view, the baby stroller has horizontal, sitting and lying, multi-purpose and other subcategories.
In the future, the intelligent trend is one of the big trends of the development of the baby strollers, and the new artificial intelligence baby strollers use the intelligent hardware to combine the AI algorithm technology, develop the function of the intelligent brake and the function early teaching, and create more safe baby strollers for the baby. Previously, the new three-board listed company, Mr.Kt, said it would develop a "automatic driving"based baby stroller to work with mobile applications. When the parents hold the child up, there is no need to worry about the baby stroller, and the phone app will "command" the smart drive.
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